About Arts Insurance Program

A dedication to supporting the Arts requires not just insuring several theatres or working with a few dance companies but immersing yourself in the needs of the culture.  Since 2006, the Arts Insurance Program, a program of Maury, Donnelly & Parr, Inc., has done so by only insuring organizations or individuals that are artists.  No contractors, retailers or wholesalers, our focus has always been and will continue to be solely in the non-profit and for-profit arts community.  Whether touring Broadway shows or film production, the exposures presented by this industry are unique and require comprehensive coverages, followed up with hands-on, superior service. 

Since few insurance companies will attempt to insure a performing arts company, identifying those that actually provide superior products for the industry is crucial.  Due to the volume of clients that we represent, we are not only able to work with those carriers, but we are also able to develop proprietary products specifically crafted for our clients.

Our philosophy is to work with clients of all sizes and premiums, as we have developed relationships with associations that support specific areas of the arts community, such as Dance USA, Chorus America, and the Shakespeare Theatre Association.  By working with all artists, we gain a perspective on the importance of coverages to companies of all sizes.  Those protections for smaller groups may actually be of more importance to them than larger organizations since they have fewer assets. 

Our goal is to continue providing comprehensive products and excellent services to these groups and individuals, both domestically and internationally.  As we grow, we will continue to uphold these values and work to remain the best at our insurance focus.

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